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Woodshed is proud to offer a full range of tour merch.

(You know…the cool shit that your fans actually buy and wear.)


We offer a full-range of services including Screen Printing, Embroidery, Accessories, and Merch Design.

But that’s just the beginning. We help bands sell merch in a variety of ways, including tour fulfillment, web store order management, merch displays, and more.


You’re prolly better off asking one of our merch clients, but we’ll give you a few reasons anyway:

Your trusted branding partner. Trusted by nationally- and internationally-touring artists, we help artists gain brand exposure at every level.

One-stop shopping. Centralize your tour ordering to save precious time and effort by getting multiple items from Woodshed – everything you need on stage, back stage, and in the lobby.

Accent on quality. While some shops may try to lure you in with cheap tees, we focus on stuff you an your fans actually want to wear.

Music-industry know-how. We’re musicians serving musicians. We know what sells and what doesn’t, and how to improve your margins and sell-through for max profit on the road.

Full Service. Not sure where to start? Need a complete merch line overhaul? Need a merch display? Need help with drop-shipping and web-order fulfillment?

We gotchu, dawg.

Woodshed Stage Art


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