Band Merch Fulfillment - Woodshed Stage Art


Leave it to the experts.

We ship. You play.

Why spend your time dealing with merch orders, counting tees, printing labels, schlepping boxes to the post office…Leave it to the experts to help you do the dirty work so you can focus on MAKING MUSIC.

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We Make Merch Easy.

Focus on making music. We’ll take care of the rest.
Band Merch Fulfillment- Woodshed Stage Art

Imagine never having to worry about merch…

No more stacks of boxes in your garage.

No more keeping track of inventory on a spreadsheet.

No more folding tees, finding a box, buying labels, weighing shipments, printing postage, schlepping stacks of packages to the post office, wondering if it got there…

That’s what we’re here for.

We’re not for everyone.

Our MFers are independent artists looking to hand-off merch tasks and scale quickly.

We’re not for everyone. 

Our fulfillment service is specifically tailored to indie artists looking to scale.

While our model is affordable and flexible, we are not the best fit for everyone (and that’s okay).

If your team can no longer easily manage storing, shipping, and tracking fan merch orders and are willing to invest in a more stable hands-off solution, you’re on the right track.

Think you might be a good fit?

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Simple Flat Monthly Rates. No Contracts. No BS.

0% Transaction Fee. $0.00 Per-Order Fee. $0 Hidden Fees. 0 long-term contracts. 0 BS, guaranteed.

Sick of spreadsheets? Us too. Other companies love to nickel-and-dime you with per-item fees, per-order fees,  per-cubic-foot storage fees, inventory fees, label fees, breathing fees… We simply charge one low, flat, monthly fee, and it’s “all-in”. Our simple rates are tiered based on your volume and number of products, so there are no surprises and no BS.

Band Merch Fulfillment - Woodshed Stage Art

Our Merch Fulfillment saves you time AND money. Get exclusive discounts on design, production, packaging, and shipping!

10% Off Merch Design
10% Off Screen Printing
10% Off DTG Printing
10% Off Embroidery
10% Off Accessories
10% Off Specialty Packaging
Shipping Discounts


Secure Storage
Product Inventory
Low-Stock Warnings
Web Order Fulfillment
Tour Merch Replenishment
Shipping Labels
Label Printing
Promo Insert Placement
Daily Shipment Pickups
Order Tracking
Smiling Humans

Pandemic Proof.

Offer a convenient no-contact option for your in-person merch sales.


Multiple unsafe handling points
Merch stays sealed until opened by the fan

Schlep boxes of merch from venue to venue
Just setup a small display, 1 of each item!

Dig through bins of tees
Your merch safely organized in our warehouse

Worry about running out of stock
Orders pulled directly from our warehouse

Make fans carry merch around the venue
Merch orders ship directly to the fan’s house


Sure, our Merch Fulfillment program saves you time & money…But wait! There’s more! 

We’ve pandemic-proofed the merch selling process to make it even easier for fans to buy merch safely.

The best of both worlds — display your merch and take credit cards right at the merch booth, but without the hassle of physical inventory. As soon as the fan buys your merch, the order process is initiated and the fan gets their items delivered right to their door in a matter of days.

Contact us for more info.

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What Else Can We Help With?

Our team of merch experts can help you end-to-end: We can design it, print it, sell it online, package it, and fulfill your web orders.


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