Woodshed news!

Woodshed news!
February 14, 2018 Mike Layton
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Since we’ve got lots of news here at Woodshed, I figured we’d resurrect the blog with some exciting updates!

New Facility

This past October, we moved into a new production facility. This one’s about 3x the size of our last, and took a few months of demo/reno before we were operational in the space. We’re loving the location, right in Downtown Cleveland – just a few blocks from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, House of Blues, and the arenas.

New Team Members

In the past 6 months, we’ve welcomed 4 new team members: Nick Davenport (Production Manager), Mike Layton (Creative Director), Kyle Goers (Office Manager/Illustrator), and Edison Tancredi (Chairman of the Bark). You’ll learn more about them very soon.

New Production Equipment

Our larger facility allowed us to invest in a new state-of-the-art printer. With this new machine, our Direct Printing process has improved and our production speed has increased. That means better looking and longer lasting prints for you with turnaround time as soon as a few DAYS!

New & Improved Products

With the new equipment means improved printing quality and durability on our Direct Print Drumheads. We’ve also expanded our Direct Prints to include Pipe Band Drumheads and Marching Drumheads (no stickers, no decals, just ink on the heads of your choice!) and we can also print your band’s artwork directly onto pre-muffled heads like the Aquarian Articulator and Remo Powermax. More you say? How ’bout $99 Vintage Shield Drumheads?

Our Grill Cloth Prints got a makeover as well – those are now Direct Print on our new Speaker Mesh. This material more closely resembles factory grill cloth, but with a tighter weave for sharper printing. The vented mesh still allows enough air to pass through so your tone/volume is not compromised (acoustically-transparent).

We’ve also launched a new line of freestanding banners called Standups. Available in a variety of sizes, the kit includes a full-color cloth banner, sleek aluminum push-fit frame, and padded road bag. Pretty cool!


Stay tuned for more Woodshed updates on this new blog. We’re planning some cool content including gear-rundowns, info articles to help you decide on the best products for your stage, new product announcements and lots more.

– Mike
Creative Director

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