The Other Super Bowl Sunday

The Other Super Bowl Sunday
February 10, 2019 Dominic Tancredi
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Grammy Awards - Woodshed Stage Art

Starting this company 20 years ago in that dusty garage, I never would have dreamed I’d be working with clients achieving success at this level.

Sure, a Grammy award is a totally meaningless hunk of metal presented to an undeserving millionaire hot-shot sell-out by a bunch of rich ol’ white guys in gray suits who don’t know their ears from a hole in the ground (or at least that’s what someone without one will tell you.)

The truth is, I probably set my sights too low.

My only goal was helping them get to the next level. The marketing plan was simply to deliver good stuff that genuinely helped them succeed, and they’d spread the word for me. If it worked, we’d all make it.

As the years flew by, having one or two Grammy-nominated clients made me practically do cartwheels. Watching them get recognized for all the countless years of blood, sweat and tears somehow made mine worth it.

That cartwheel feeling? A sense of pride. Not just pride in my team, but genuine pride for the people we help for working hard enough (and smart enough) to climb the ladder in their own careers.

Fast-forward to 2019…

Now in Year 20: Woodshed clients earned 50 nominations across 25 separate categories. Crazy, I know.

Yes, I’ll be watching tonight (this is our Super Bowl, after all.) No, that feeling never really wears off.

But even cooler is the bands my team will be helping on Monday morning. The ones loading up the van in their own dusty garage. After years (or decades) of  their own blood, sweat, and tears, some of them will earn a Grammy or two in a future broadcast.

And I’ll be watching that night, too, cheering them on from TV Land.



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