Our best kept secret…

Our best kept secret…
March 12, 2019 Dominic Tancredi
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If you haven’t heard…we shared a secret this week.

Sure, you know we’ve been designing and printing for the music industry for the last 20 years.

But what you probably didn’t know: for about 15+ years, we’ve been offering a very valuable service to bands that we never really told you about unless you asked. We learned a lot and got better each time.


Wait…merch, you say? Yep. Band merch.

To be more specific….

Screen printing. Embroidery. Accessories. Design. Fulfillment.

Why merch? Why now?

Almost everyone has a band tee in their dresser. Lots of people have a small collection. As musicians, we use merch to help spread the word, and make some cash to get to the next gig.

But it’s more than that. Great merch gives your band a great way to connect with your fans, and for fans to connect with each other. Great merch transcends geography, sex, race, age, and other classifications. Great merch is a conversation starter.

Our move to a larger production facility in 2017 allowed us to invest in new team members, new equipment, and offer even more cool products and services to help bands tell the world who they are.


Woodshed merch is a bit different.


Glad you asked. Music-industry know-how, a focus on design, a full-range of products, and a full-service operation.

While it’s great to support local screen print shops in your area, bands are typically not their ideal customer, and not their bread and butter.

At Woodshed, we serve only the music industry.

We’re not preoccupied with printing for the bar volleyball team and the little-league tee-ball team. We aren’t making you wait in line behind an order of embroidered golf shirts for the insurance company up the street. We’re working with bands all day long.

What’s more, we’re musicians ourselves, and many of us play gigs on the weekends and take time off for mini-tours. Since we’ve been serving the music industry ourselves for 20 years, we know what works, and what doesn’t; what will sell (and how many for how much). We know what’s cool and what’s not.

“But we’re into the DIY thing, man!”

That’s cool, us too. Just keep in mind: there are only so many hours in a day and days in a week, and your time might be better spent booking, posting/engaging, writing, driving, playing, etc.

The term “full-service” sometimes gets a bad rep. We’re here to offer you what we can help you with, and you can decide what you need.

With Woodshed, you can be as hands-on or hands-off as you’d like.

We can design, print, ship, fulfill, and more. We can create one tee or a full line. We can drop ship a restock to your next tour stop, and we can build an e-commerce site and fulfill your web orders daily. We even design and print our own packaging.

Or you can just send us your design, we’ll print it on a bunch of tees, and let you know when they’re ready for pickup. With something for every budget, we’re here when you need us.

No-nonsense pricing, no hidden fees.

We like simple. If you ask us for a price on a merch design, we’ll give you an upfront price.

If you ask us for a price to print that design on 100 Next Level 3010 tees, we’ll give you a straight-forward per-tee price. That includes everything (the tee itself, decorating costs, screens, set-up, shipping, the whole 9 yards.)

No surprises.

Lots of freebies.

We like stuff that stands out and gets a head turn. That’s kind of the point of all this. We also specialize in the high-end stuff people actually want to wear.

Water-based ink? Discharge printing? Black on black? Glow in the dark? Whatevs….no up-charge, it’s all included. Simple and straightforward.


Merch Better

Ready for a merch order, or just want to get some pricing?

Let’s discuss your needs and see if we can help.

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