Finding Opportunity in Uncertainty

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The Coronovirus pandemic has created a time of uncertainty to say the least, especially for those of us in the music industry. But there’s an opportunity to level-up while they wait for things to level-out.
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As we all know, a lot has changed in the last few days. Scores of tours sent packing mid-day, Spring tour kick-offs postponed, venues temporarily shuttered, gigs cancelled, all in an effort to quickly “flatten the curve“.

With everyone from artists to sidemen to techs and crew to drivers, a lot of people and small business in the music industry are feeling the pinch (if you’re one of the lucky ones to be on salary, thank your artist/boss early and often.)

Virtually all major tours have been suspended, and even major award shows like the Rock Hall induction and the ACM Awards were postponed. Most major cities have instituted capacity limits forcing even small venues to shutter temporarily (here in Cleveland that cap was 100, until the state forced bars and restaurants to suspend dine-in service.)

BUT, there’s good news: The shows will get rescheduled. Tours will still kick off, albeit later than planned. Once the quarantine is over and summertime comes, people will be ready to let loose and go to shows. While you will lose some cash in the short term, most of that will come back later in the year. Yes, it will suck, but  yes, it will get better.

The other good news:
In times of uncertainty, there is also opportunity.
This period of quarantine is an opportunity to regroup, rebuild, and level-up.

If there’s a silver lining, this is it.

Sure, it’s natural to panic a little before the eventual mild depression sets in and you become a couch potato for a few days. (Do that, you need the rest anyway.)

When you’re all done with that, pick yourself up by the chuck laces and resolve to use this time to your advantage instead of wasting it scrolling through Facebook or watching trashy reality TV.

The time will pass anyway, you might as well use it to get ahead. Find the opportunity and #AMPLIFY your efforts in new ways.

So….what exactly can you do? Here are some opportunities:

In the posts to follow, we’ll touch on each of these opportunity categories with practical ideas you can use to level-up during the shutdown. Most of these things don’t cost much money, some cost $0.00.

The main idea here is that this is all temporary.

You can be one of those people that will take the defeat and just wait it out.

Or you can chose to be one of the people who will find the opportunity in their newly cleared schedule and get shit done, so you can level up when things level out.

The choice is yours.

What do you think?

What are your plans now that shows are on hold?

Comment below with some stuff you’re planning!

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