Our New DIY Mockup Generator App!

Our New DIY Mockup Generator App!
May 19, 2020 Dominic Tancredi
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Online Mockup Builder - Woodshed Stage Art

Looking for our online mockup builder app?

We don’t have one.


(Here’s why.)

Short Answer: They’re automating more. We’re automating less.


A few of our competitors offer an online mockup generator.

They believe in the “press & pray” approach.

Why? It saves them time and money. They make you do the work.

It’s cheaper, quicker, easier, faster. This helps them continue to be the cheapest around.

If you can’t compete on quality, or value, or service, you at least have to be cheaper and faster.

If you’re shooting for volume, cheaper is better.

There are no winners in the race to the bottom.

Anyone who swears that cheaper is always better never bought toilet paper.

There’s no substitute for working with a professional when you don’t know what you’re doing.

It’s scary to do it yourself, pay a good chunk of your hard-earned money, and pray for the best. And it’s costly to have to do it over.

While you can see your digital handiwork on screen before you order when working with a fancy online mock-up-inator software app, deep down you know you’re just winging it and you’re not really a designer.

You press “Buy It Now” and hope for the best…wondering if your print will be pixelated or off-center (and then having to do it all over again to get it right).

The Woodshed Way.

We do things differently around here.

It sounds cheesy, but we believe in service the old fashioned way. We work with you personally, one-on-one.

Like, with a real, live, HUMAN. (Weird, right?)

Once you send us your artwork and specs, someone from our in-house creative team will check your artwork for print quality and identify any issues.

That human takes care of the layout for you, making sure things are centered, elements are the right size and scale, account for finishing (like a drumhead’s mic hole, or seams on a massive arena backdrop).

We’ll make sure the colors will translate well from your screen to our print.

We’ll make sure there’s no pixelation or blurriness in the image.

We’ll also create a digital mockup so you can see what the finished product will look like.

(More? Ok, sure…)

We’ll help you choose the best material or product to start with (the drum head brand and model to give you the sound and look you’re envisioning, for example).

We’ll make recommendations based on our 20+ years of industry experience.

We’ll even suggest and mockup some other complimentary products you might need.

Need something custom?

We can help there, too.

We’ll clean-up or recreate your logo (for a small additional fee) so you don’t have to live with a shitty design on stage.

You can even put our creative team to work with a new logo, custom illustration, and more.

Doesn’t all of that take more time and cost more money?

Sure it does.

But we’re not Amazon.

We’re in the business of employing humans, not robots.

If cost is your primary concern, our competitors will be a better fit, no question. And that’s OK.

When you’re spending your hard-earned money, we want to deliver what you envision, and do it right the first time

When you’re planning for tour, dollars and deadlines matter.

When it matters, why take a chance on cheap?

Relationships matter.

The truth is, we’d rather build a relationship with you and your artist instead of figuring out ways to make a cheaper, anonymous, online store experience.

There’s value in working together long term.

(At least to you and I.)


Ready for a mockup, or just want to run an idea past our art team?

Let’s discuss your needs and see if we can help.

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