5 Reasons Why Merch Pre-Sales Are a Safer Bet

5 Reasons Why Merch Pre-Sales Are a Safer Bet
August 4, 2020 Dominic Tancredi
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A merch pre-sale is a great tool to use in your merch arsenal. Find out why:

5. Gauge fan interest.

A merch pre-sale is a great way to test the waters on a new merch product. Rather than buying a bulk order of a new merch item that may not sell, you can gauge the interest of your fan base. You may find they like this item a lot more than you though they would (or a lot less…)

4. Reduce your risk.

Letting fans pre-order a merch item reduces your risk significantly. You don’t have to pony up a wad of cash for a bulk order and hope all the units sell; you can order as many as you need. You’ll save money either way (if your guess was too high, you’d have sat on a ton of stock you may have to sell at a discount just to get rid of it; if your guess was too low, you’d have saved money on a larger bulk discount.)

3. Eliminate the guesswork.

Any variable product (like tees that come in different sizes, or a hat that comes in 2 different colorways) has inherent risks – you have to make an educated guess on how many of each one to order. With a pre-order, your fans do that for you. Multiple colorways? Your fans will tell you what ratio to order. Different size tees? Your fans will tell you what sizes to stock up on so you’re not stuck with a ton of one size and out of another. No guessing!

2. Eliminate out of pocket production costs.

One of the best reasons to hold a pre-sale on new merch is to use your fans’ cash to pay for the production of the items. If you use an affordable merch printer (like Woodshed 😉 and you set your retail pricing right, there’s plenty of margin to pay yourself back for the merch design costs, and pay for the production of the ordered items as well as an additional quantity for regular orders.

1. Increase fan engagement.

This may be the BEST reason to hold a merch presale -it’s a great way to interact with your fans. Using the power of social media and your email mailing list, you can let your fans in on your secret pre-sale before it’s available to the general public. You’ll gain valuable insights from your diehard fans and they’ll get exclusivity of getting that new item before everyone else.

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