LED Neon Backdrop

LED Neon Backdrop
February 13, 2020 Dominic Tancredi
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LED Neon Band Logo Sign - Woodshed Stage Art
Check out the custom LED Neon Backdrop we deigned and built for Magic City Hippies!

A few weeks ago we completed a super cool project, one that we’ve got lots of inquiries about.

Check it out!

The Challenge:

This product was created from a conversation with a client. They were originally looking for us to provide them with a printed backdrop, but their live show and overall vibe left them wanting something a bit different, and, well, more fun.

The band was traveling lean (with just a single tour manager handling stage tech duties, and no LD.) They wanted a cool, low-tech way to display their logo on stage. They knew they didn’t have the budget, space, or manpower for an LED video screen, and they were traveling in a van & trailer.

The Solution:

Our solution to this challenge was a set of three freestanding LED-Neon letters for a stage backdrop. (Sure, it’s not really a backdrop, but essentially it is…and replaces the fabric stage backdrop they almost ordered. Call it a light-up stage sign, LED Neon lettering, an LED neon logo, whatever.) Simple, flexible, fun, and memorable, the band was delighted to learn about this relatively low-tech alternative.

How’d we do it?

We took the band’s “MCH” logo and produced it in LED-Neon tubing (that is, LED lights encased in a plastic tube to resemble old-school neon with none of the hassles). The lights were affixed to 1-inch-thick black PVC panels. Each panel is attached to a pole and heavy, flat, steel base. While the letters could be daisy-chained together into one power-source, we wired them separately for maximum flexibility. The LED lights are controlled with a simple wireless remote, and the letters can be controlled separately or together. Though there’s also a DMX-programmable option to sync with other stage lighting cues, the band opted for the simpler, low-tech version. Each letter is approx. 4ft x 4ft square, and sits about 9ft off the stage deck. The whole thing packs down into a specially-designed ATA-style road case and travels just fine in a van & trailer.

What makes it so cool?

Glad you asked! Here’s a few highlights:

1. It friggin’ lights up!

Cooler than an ordinary printed “analog” backdrop, but a fraction of the cost of an LED video screen, our LED Neon Backdrop is great for indie bands looking to elevate their stage look and create a memorable fan experience on stage. We can easily create a single-panel logo (whole band name or logo, for instance), and it can even be built as a stationary LED Neon logo sign for festivals/venues.

2. Incredibly flexible.

Since each letter is independent, the band/LD have full control. Each letter can be controlled independently via the wireless remote system, or controlled together (by making one letter the “master”and the others the “slaves”.) The size/scale is also great for a variety of different venue sizes – the letters can be spaced out on a larger stage or brought closer together on a smaller one.

The letters are currently fixed at 9ft so they’re just over the heads of the band members, but could instead be mounted to taller poles or even flown/hung. While the band opted for RGBW, there is also a static-color option available; this one is controlled by a simple remote (complete with static colors and some cool presets) but a fully-prgrammable DMX option is also available.

3. Completely self-contained.

We built the letter sets to withstand touring, and we also had a custom road case built specifically for these letters so they make it from show to show in one piece. We also provided the lighting controllers, power supplies, and wireless remote, so the system was truly “plug & play”. All the band needs nightly is a simple power drop.

4. Simple plug & play.

We also provided the lighting controllers, power supplies, and wireless remote, so the system was truly “plug & play”.  The band provided their logo in vector format and our in-house design team worked with our production team to engineer the rig to spec and ensure it was completed as discussed. Plus, it’s got the look of neon lighting, but it’s made from LEDs (way more

5. Creates a memorable, Insta-worthy fan experience.

Unlike a printed cloth backdrop, these logo letters light up. The band walks out onto a dark stage and has the lights timed at just the right moment — as soon as the letters light up, the crowd goes wild.  It’s all about the experience! Way cooler than a printed backdrop, the LED Neon backdrop is an Instagram-worthy piece of memorable logo art.

Video courtesy of Magic City Hippies / @TorchHouse.Media – all rights reserved.

Video courtesy of Magic City Hippies / @TorchHouse.Media – all rights reserved.

Video courtesy of Magic City Hippies / @TorchHouse.Media – all rights reserved.

What do you think?

Would you rock this LED Neon logo backdrop on stage?

While we love printing backdrops, we suspect you’ll be seeing a lot more LED Neon logo backdrops this year from us!

Comment below your thoughts and questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Craig mcinnes 9 months ago

    Hi there,

    I love this idea and my band are touring a year from now and was wondering how I would go about getting something similar tailored to my bands logo? The neon back drop is so cool!

    Kind regards,


    • Author
      Dominic Tancredi 9 months ago

      Thanks, Craig! Glad you dig it! I’ll send you an email and we can discuss, happy to help.
      – Dominic

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