Old School × New School

Tell your story in a one-of-a-kind way.

Typography, digital graphics, photography…sure, we do all of that. But why not add a touch of personality with an illustration? From merch to web to even a hand-drawn logo, the possibilities are endless.

We can integrate illustrations into any of our design projects.



Illustration helps tell your story.

Show Poster Illustration - Woodshed Stage Art
How can illustration help tell your story?

Logos & Branding – Custom illustrations give your identity one-of-a-kind character and an intrinsically vintage vibe.

Album Art – While it’s easy to slap your logo in the corner of your photo and call it an album cover, a custom illustration helps you cut through the noise.

Show Posters – Gig posters are a great way to use illustrations to tell your story as an artist in a unique and memorable way.

Tour Merch – From quirky characters to vintage hand-drawn text, custom illustrations are a great way to create merch your fans will love.

Stage Art – If a clean, white logo on a plain black backdrop isn’t your look, we can add a personal touch to your stage with custom illustration.


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